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VA Home Purchase

Getting Started On Your VA Home Purchase

Get started on purchasing your dream home by filling out our secure contact form. Once you’ve completed our contact form, one of our VA Loan benefits specialist will contact to you discuss the details of your home purchase. They will then start the pre-qualification process by asking you’re a series of questions.

Qualifying is key since it gives you an idea on how much you can borrower to purchase your new home. Once complete, you will receive a pre-qualification letter that you can then take to your Realtor that shows you are qualified to purchase a home at that amount.

When you find that perfect home, it’s time to make an offer and negotiate a contract with the seller. It’s important that your real estate agent know the ins and outs of the VA home purchase so they can structure the contract to assure you retain the ability to put no money down if you so choose.

Once you are under contract with the seller, your loan officer with then send you the initial disclosures to then sign and return with the following documents (can vary):

  • Pay Stubs
  • Tax Returns and W2s
  • Employment History
  • Bank/Investment Statements
  • Evidence of Real Estate Assets
  • DD-214
  • Driver’s License

Loan Processing and Closing Your Loan

Once you submit your loan documents, it’s time for your loan officer to order an appraisal for the property. The VA requires homes to be move-in ready and any problems with the property generally have to be corrected by the seller before a loan closes.

Then the loan documentation will go to an experienced underwriter for review. The underwriter will verify financial information and other documents and request additional items as needed. It is the underwriter’s job to make sure everything meets the VA Loan Requirements. Once the loan is final approved, you will then set up your closing date. A licensed notary will come to your property or a place of your choice to sign the final disclosures. Then you will take over the home and begin to make your monthly mortgage payments.

To speak with a VA loan benefits specialist, call the number above or fill out the short form and a specialist will contact you.

VA Home Loan

VA Home Loan